V ARE Tamuna Sirbiladze & Rade Petrasevic

Main part of V ARE is to keep you curious. So when V ARE working on our exhibition settings, architecture is a big part in our thoughts.

The basic idea is to find spaces, that you did not explore before. V ARE not a gallery, that owns a specific room.

For our first show in 2014, we had the opportunity to use the former Cineplexx Kaisermühlen, that is now empty. When we explored the building the first time, we were completely overwhelmed. Together with the artists, we soon decided on the garage to become our exhibition space.

Rade Petrasevic developed the shown pieces especially for this show (actually he created them in the Cineplexx during the weeks before the opening). Tamuna Sirbiladze immediately liked the garage, that stands in contrast to the usual "white cube" situation she normally finds herself in.

The opening on March 18th, was assembled with a live performance by Masha Dabelka & Joan. Our closing party on March 22nd brought us an unforgettable night with the selection of The Marvin & Valentino from Public Possession out of Munich and DJ Beware [FM4 Unlimited]

Full length interview and pictures of Rade Petrasevic's and Tamuna Sirbiladze's works coming soon!

And V ARE back for you in October with

V ARE Adia Trischler & Andreas Waldschütz






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