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With delight we are presenting fine artist Mario Grubisic during our gig at MAK for the sound:frame festival, as we are amongst his biggest fans.

Mario Grubisic [Visual Artist]

Heap [V ARE | Discus Throwers | Ascending Waves]

Joja [V ARE]

Wednesday, 15 April 2015



Be in the moment like V ARE
Join us at sound:frame 2015 for a dazzling night at MAK. Hear Joja and Heap, see enfant terrible’s Mario Grubisic’s visuals. Let your eyes sparkle and your ears sigh in delight. Oh, and: spread the word.

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A cooperation between sound:frame and MAK

pay as you wish!

18:00 -22:30
Moderation: Markus Wintersberger (AT)

Wirtschaftsagentur Wien, departure Talk: "Living Light"

starsky (AT) “starsky manifest - polymediale live performance” - live AV

Katalogpräsentation "20 jahre starsky auf 328 seiten"
Zur Präsentation spricht : Dr. Renée Gadsden (AT/ US), starsky (AT)

“Lightspeed Ensemble”
Oenm Ensemble (AT), sound:frame, Uli Kühn (AT), Thomas Wagensommerer (AT) - live AV Premiere

artist talk

Peter Kollreider (AT) & Emanuel Andel (AT) “In a nutshell” - live AV
Peter Kollreider (AT) “Behind the door of all doors” - AV

V ARE ( Joja+Heap / Visual Artist Mario Grubisic, AT) - DJ + live visuals






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