V ARE very happy to welcome SLACK HIPPY to the studio this saturday. He will serve us a fine selection of music, as we know Sam to be a true music lover who does not limit himself to anything like a "genre". Slack Hippy is so refreshingly free of judging on styles or other confusing things like that, he just lets the music speak. V ARE looking forward to listen to a reflection of diverseness and have a chat with our English friend. Join us on saturday when V ARE listening to SLACK HIPPY live outta Vienna on NESS Radio!

"No Bass No Fun"

Born within the sound of Bow Bells (a real Londoner for the uninformed ; ) ) and raised in peaceful Cornwall Sam Beales lived in Vienna since 1991 and has been DJing (since 1990) under the name of Slack Hippy, regularly in most of the top spots in and around Vienna and Austria.

He is a resident DJ for the Friday night Electronic Music Radio show La Boum De Luxe on FM4 and a Host and founder of the Monthly Breakbeat show "The Dogs Bollocks" on FM4.

He played all over Austria since 1991 and has built up a reputation as a technically fine skilled DJ with many musical surprises in his record box. Internationally he also made a name for himself playing in Poland (PROZAK,M25,METRO and many more) and Germany (ULTRASCHALL I&II,MUFFAT HALLE,BOGALOO,SUICIDE CLUB,TURBINE,TRESOR,LIQUID SKY,DAS BOOT,KISS FM BERLIN and many more) with DJ appearances also in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia&Herzogovinia, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Hungary (Sziget Festival 2006 plus many more events), Lithuania, Rumania, Belarus, Switzerland and Spain.





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