V ARE was registered as an association in October 2013.

V ARE . Verein zur Förderung kultureller Netzwerke [association for strengthening cultural networks]

From September 30th until October 4th we had our first show in the heart of Vienna, at Josefsgasse 1 in the 8th district of Vienna, at PHILOMEDIA [club for philosophy and media] showcasing works by CLARA AGNELLI & MARIO GRUBISIC.

Mag. Martin Kerschbaumer, director of philomedia offered to use the club room at for a week. The architecture of the space invited to use one corner as a stage for a live music performance and was main part of the concept from the beginning. Mario Grubisic, who is not only an artist but experienced curator himself, immediately liked that idea to build a "frame" for the music and decided on exhibiting his collage pieces. He also suggested Clara Agnelli to become part of the show as well. 

Alexander Fuchs, synthesiser expert and musician, is involved in several projects with different musicians. When we asked him to play for the opening, he decided to perform together with Connie Frischauf some exclusive pieces "Part Of The Business - Part 1. Ein Österreichisches Werk - Konzert für 3 Synthesizer und 3 Rhythmusgeräte in 4 Akten".

Bernhard Tobola [Tingel Tangel] joins Alexander Fuchs & Connie Frischauf during their performance.

During the week of the show our program was completed with a party at <>< Grelle Forelle when "Tingel Tangel and Homewerk presented HELENA HAUFF [Golden Pudel | Hamburg]" and a live radio broadcast out of the exhibition with Mr. Preddy: V ARE PERSONAL .





HELENA HAUFF on soundcloud  |   GOLDEN PUDEL Hamburg

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