.. is M.Sc. Johanna Mayr-Keber.


She studied architecture on the Technical University of Vienna, was travelling with the exhibition “In Between - Austria Contemporary” as a co-curator for the Austrian Ministry for Culture, Education and Arts for three years and is a DJ for more than ten years by now.

Hosting radioshows and being dedicated to underground dance music, she did interviews with personalities like Gilles Peterson, Ma Dukes (mother of J Dilla), Dorian Concept, Mala, Theophilus London, ... just to name a few.

Besides loving music and architecture, Joja is generally very involved with the Arts, finding herself mostly inspired by other creatives. Music is a common language that all people understand, no matter where they come from, to find and spread this vocabulary is Joja’s mission, walking against the boredom of mainstream.


Joja Johanna Mayr-Keber by Katherina Lochmann V ARE


photo by Katherina Lochmann |





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