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The main focus lies in encouraging people’s social competence and the participants’ positive self-respect. Our understanding of social competence is the complex of all personal skills and attitudes that help change the individual, to a more community-based kind of behaviour, it combines the aims and activities of individuals with the ethical values and opinions of a group. so the key to a working, non-authoritarian and healthy society therefore is, actually, a person’s sufficient social competence.”

The association Tingel Tangel was founded in 2003 with the main aim to create and support innovative club culture. Armin, Simon and Bernhard - often with their APE - play at several events in the club and Art context of Vienna, since 2008 also on an international basis, traveling with their musical selection to other cities and places.

What is remarkable about Tingel Tangel is their wide understanding and interest in cultural activity, that includes not only the different forms of Art and cultural events, but also reflects in their musical range, taste and delivery.

They do not limit themselves or their events to a certain style, and that is something very refreshing and inspiring. Their understanding and love for variety, and the quality that comes with that openness is notably.

Simon, Bernhard and Armin share the passion for music and the Arts and their image of a vivid community that embraces diverseness.

I call them our "sister association" for they really helped us to establish V ARE to that official level, which is exactly what TINGEL TANGEL stands for - helping others that share the idea of strengthening social interaction. Also they invited us to play with them in summer 2013. So at Volksgarten Pavillion it was the first time the three of us - Farbtechnographie & me - played together.
V ARE happy to welcome Bernhard, Armin and Simon to the studio on Saturday | January 18th | broadcasting live for two hours via Ness Radio.

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