[V ARE] . Lunatic Love Songs . Vladimir Ivkovic . Cher Monsieur .


[Friday, May 9th, 11 PM]
[V ARE] . Lunatic Love Songs with Vladimir Ivkovic .

** location will be announced on time **

[Vladimir Ivkovic] . Salon des Amateurs . Düsseldorf . Београд

Lunatic music lover and resident at Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf. Vladimir began playing a pivotal role in Beograd's first “house” parties in the earliest 90s, soundtracking this surreal gatherings at the sea. It's probably impossible to track down the musical footprint, that defines the sound, one can wintess within the adventerous and eclectic selections of this guy. A DJ for DJs, hopping between all different kinds of music and sound with an ear for the exquisite and different.

[Cher Monsieur] . osba . wupwup . Wien .

One truly devoted dance-cosmopolist. Lead by a sure hand for exotica and obscurities his fingers have digged through the heart of darkness, built castles on the sandy shores of Rio, held the reins of the normads’ camels, changed the strings of shabby gypsy guitars, have clapped the castanets to the proudest flamenco dances, ... and they are still not weighted down with weariness at all, always eager to work that vinyl collection of pure black gold for the sake of a world-spanning, body-moving education in dance.







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