Soul Skate

... well, this gives me goosebumps

Kunstsektion . Ankauf Fotografie

Info des Bundeskanzleramts Österreich:


"Ab sofort gibt es nur mehr einen Einrechtermin pro Jahr für Ansuchen um Fotoankauf.

Ankaufsansuchen wie bisher mit ausgefüllten Formular, Lebenslauf und Portfolio einzureichen bis spätestens 30.April 2015 an die Abt. II/1, Concordiaplatz 2, 1014 Wien. Es gilt der Poststempel.

Ansuchen, die nach diesem Termin einlangen können erst wieder beim folgenden nächstjährigen Termin behandelt werden."



live! in Vienna
V ARE 18+ Febuary 1 2015 houndstooth altes zollamt

FEB 01

2015 . Sunday

at ALTES ZOLLAMT [Schnirchgasse 9 . 1030 Wien]


"18+ has been operating anonymously since 2011."

"J: Logistically it’s the two of us singing in front of people with instrumentation and video playing behind us. But conceptually there is this extreme intimacy where we’re saying stuff that we’ve recorded separately from each other. Re-performing these creates a palpable tension that feels really raw and it’s the thing about the performance that works the best."

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Minor Sick . Lastwagen


Joja for FM4 Unlimited

interview with Esther Csapo

thanks to FM4 & FM4 Unlimited . the whole crew!

yeah well - sorry for the earthing issues with the dinosaur .. proof that it was live


thanks for listening!

1. Shlohmo & Jeremih ft. Chance the Rapper . The End


a multimedia dance film project by Adia Trischler and Andreas Waldschütz featuring Mickey Mahar (NY), Manu Mayr (VIE), Andrea Cammarosano (FLR), Henwood (LDN/VIE) and Zanshin(VIE)
V ARE Breathe . 2014 . Adia Trischler Andreas Waldschuetz Lauren Cooke Mickey Mahar Manu Mayr Andrea Cammarosano Zanshin

Adia Trischler [Creative director/Director/Styling]
Andreas Waldschuetz [Photography/Director/Editing]
Mickey Mahar [Dance]
Manu Mayr [Double Bass]
Andrea Cammarosano [Costume Design] Henwood [Jewelery]
Zanhsin [Sound Design]

Organisation/Produktion: V ARE

V ARE inviting you to BREATHE!

all info now available

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