September 30th [Monday] - October 4th [Friday]

Josefgasse 1 Vienna, 8th District

Five days V ARE showing works by Mario Grubisic and Clara Agnelli at Josefgasse 1.






Born in Meran [Italy], Clara Agnelli started studying Art History on the university of Vienna. Since 2005 she studied “Transmediale Kunst” in Brigitte Kowanz’ class on the University for Applied Arts/ Vienna and graduated 2013.


Clara Agnelli understands to - at the same time - paint a beautiful picture with each frame, but also tells a story if you let yourself watch for more. The perspective, the point of view in time and space is core to Clara Agnelli’s Art.



Born in Innsbruck, Mario Grubisic now also works and lives in Vienna. Starting his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts/ Bratislava [Slovakia]. He then graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna - class of Franz Graf and Rene Green.


With no limitations to a specific media, Mario Grubisic understands to show a picture of our society and reflects with his Pieces the rapidity of our times, with the looks of “fast Art” but they stay in mind for they do express precisely that core of our times.


“Inspired by the pace and impermanence of our daily life, Grubisic avoids any precision in his Art.”


Monday, September 30th . 7PM | 8PM 

opening. V ARE presenting

Connie Frischauf & Alexander Fuchs:

Uraufführung von "Part Of The Business, Part 1 - Ein österreichisches Werk" Konzert für 3 Synthesizer und 3 Rhythmusgeräte in 4 Akten.

Tuesday, October 1st 7PM 

V ARE discourse : Martin Kerschbaumer “wieviel ich soll ich mir geben?”

Wednesday, October 2nd noon-3PM

V ARE broadcasting our radioshow live out of the exhibition, with Preddy [personal rec.] - it is V ARE PERSONAL.

Thursday, October 3rd 10PM

V ARE inviting to join a party at <>< [Grelle Forelle] when Tingel Tangel and Homewerk are presenting Helena Hauff [Werkdiscs | PAN | golden pudel].

Friday, October 4th 7PM

V ARE closing the show.


Clara Agnelli


Mario Grubisic



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