Minor Sick . Lastwagen


Joja for FM4 Unlimited

interview with Esther Csapo

thanks to FM4 & FM4 Unlimited . the whole crew!

yeah well - sorry for the earthing issues with the dinosaur .. proof that it was live


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1. Shlohmo & Jeremih ft. Chance the Rapper . The End


a multimedia dance film project by Adia Trischler and Andreas Waldschütz featuring Mickey Mahar (NY), Manu Mayr (VIE), Andrea Cammarosano (FLR), Henwood (LDN/VIE) and Zanshin(VIE)
V ARE Breathe . 2014 . Adia Trischler Andreas Waldschuetz Lauren Cooke Mickey Mahar Manu Mayr Andrea Cammarosano Zanshin

Adia Trischler [Creative director/Director/Styling]
Andreas Waldschuetz [Photography/Director/Editing]
Mickey Mahar [Dance]
Manu Mayr [Double Bass]
Andrea Cammarosano [Costume Design] Henwood [Jewelery]
Zanhsin [Sound Design]

Organisation/Produktion: V ARE

V ARE inviting you to BREATHE!

all info now available


more details on the artists




V ARE Tamuna Sirbiladze & Rade Petrasevic

Main part of V ARE is to keep you curious. So when V ARE working on our exhibition settings, architecture is a big part in our thoughts.

The basic idea is to find spaces, that you did not explore before. V ARE not a gallery, that owns a specific room.



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